Server Commands:

You can use these commands on our servers: Creative PVP Server | Just Build | Have fun!

Click on accordion below to open Player’s and VIP’s Server Commands.
Player’s Commands

/info – Shows info tabs about this server.

/shop – Shows shop where you can purchase a lot of useful items.

/pm ‘name’ – Send a private message to someone. Use /r to reply a private message.

/trade ‘name’– Invite a player for a trade anywhere in the map.

/trade accept – Accept the trade from someone.

/ipanel hide – Hide the Info Panel

/ipanel show – Show the Info Panel

/backpack – Show an additional backpack.

TIP: To bind a key to open the backpack, use: bind b in your F1 console, where “b” is keyboard button of your choice.

/mymini – Spawn your own minicopter. You can ride it!

/nomini – Despawn mini copter.

/wmini – Despawn mini copter.

/gmini – Get/fetch mini copter.

/spawncar – Spawn your own. You can ride it!

/callheli – Call helicopter – shoot you and team members only.

TIP: With Call Helicopter feature you can call in-game helicopter, it will focus just on you and team members and will shoot on you until you kill it. Cooldown is 24 hours. So, let’s go get some good loot!


BGrade – Allow building directly with specific material:

/bgrade 0 – Disable BGrade

/bgrade 1 – Enable automatic Wood upgrades.

/bgrade 2 – Enable automatic Stone upgrades.

/bgrade 3 – Enable automatic Metal upgrades.

/bgrade 4 – Enable automatic Armored upgrades

TIP: It’s consuming the same amount of material (wood+material upgrade) like usual, but you don’t need to change every single piece of building with hammer. You can build much faster and more efficiently!


Personal Recycler:

/recycler.craft – It will add Recycler to your backpack, so you can put it anywhere you want.

TIP: Recycler needs 500 scrap, 5000 metal fragments, 10 gears to create! Put it to your base, so you don’t need to go anywhere for recycling. Save your time!

/remove – remove (single object)
/remove structure – remove whole structure
/home  – add home, remove home, teleport to home
/tpr ‘name’ – Teleport request to player</color>”,
/tpa – Teleport accept
/tp info  – Teleport accept


VIP Members have more benefits!

And the best thing is that you’re supporting our server and our work!

Thank you again for supporting us!

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And GET your 250$ reward instantly.

(In-Game Currency for item shop)


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