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Rustafied Discord – How to connect?

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Rustafied Discord

Are you trying to connect to and find Rustafied Discord?

Check this info below…

And what about something else?

My name is Ondra and I am creator of game server community.

If you are playing on Rustafied servers, you are probably experiencing higher population of players on their servers.

It’s not bad, but sometimes it’s not the best thing when you come back online and your base is destroyed and all loot gone, am I right?

Especially if you spent a lot of time to gather it.


Do you want to try something else at Rust?


I will be honest and transparent with you.

We have similar servers to Rustafied.

3 types of Rust Servers:

The first one is:

Vanilla Rust Server – it’s similar one to Rustafied servers.

Also Rust PVE Server – this one is my the most favorite. There is killing and looting others prohibited and disabled. You can build any base you want, also all monuments are available, so feel free to test any puzzle you want. Also, we have some cool features like Taxi and your own horses. There is 5x Loot and higher density of loot. Check all info about PVE server here.

And third option is Rust Creative Build PVP Server – this server is super hardcore. You have unlimited resources, all items ingame available to purchase at our /shop. Its quite popular, but sometimes pretty hard to play on it. So, if you want to try something else at Rust, or build new type of your base, or try electricity or anything else, you can do it here without long gathering resources and looking for necessary items to create BPs. You have all of them, all BPs available from the beginning.


And if you still want to join Rustafied Discord…


PLEASE, JOIN our DISCORD as well. We have great community of players, and honestly I wanna to build a bigger one.

We’re always doing our best for our players.


So what are you waiting for?

JOIN Servers.


Thank you for your interest in our servers and hope that I will meet you in-game.

Cheers, Ondra – Server Admin

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