RUST PVE SERVER – 5X (Higher Rates), Raidable bases, ALL Monuments, No killing

Rust PVE Server


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PLAYERS: 120 Slots
(Procedural Map, Size: 4,5 – 5k)


Check map on

Join PVE server with 2x Vanilla with Zleveling.

Killing others is not allowed.
Friendly admins and community.
Build your base, test the puzzles and much more.
Taxi, backpacks, horses, drones,events.
Raidable Bases!!
Slower Decay, Furnace Splitter, Stack size 10x, BGRADE
Shorter night, longer day.
Monthly wipes.
Join now!
Wipe every week on thursday.

Battle Royale EVENT!

Slots are automatically increased once needed.


  • 5x Loot with leveling
  • PVE
  • No killing and raiding others
  • All puzzles and monuments
  • Events
  • Own Horses (/horse)
  • Public Car lift (supermarket, outpost, gas station)
  • Sign artist (/sil URL.jpg) upload any image on your picture frame or sign. Just look at for example Wooden Sign and type to chat: “/sil”
  • Additional Backpack (click on backpack icon at inventory)
  • Minicopters (/mymini)
  • Raidable bases, autogenerated
  • Buy your own raidable base
  • Chest/box stacks
  • NPC raiders
  • Working Jetpack!
  • Increased workbench range
  • Kits
  • Bradley Tiers – buy your bradley – 3 difficulties!!
  • Heli tiers – 3 difficulties
  • BUYABLE VEHICLES – buy ch47, scrap heli for free with /spawn
  • own craftable drone market
  • turbo and water cars
  • All casino items – free of cost, even big wheel. Build your own casino at your base or do public casino for others!