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Looking for Rustoria Game Servers? Try Rustoria alternative.

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Rustoria - Aleternative Rust Server

We offer great alternative to Rustoria servers. Try our Rust Game servers. You won’t be disappointed.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer playing on Rust Vanilla or highly modded servers.

We have all of them.

Vanilla servers will give you exact the same official Rust experience.

So, no higher rates, items and custom mods.

Just pure Rust gameplay.


If you don’t have so much time or experience with Rust or simple you want to try something else, we can recommend our Rust PVP Creative and Build server.

There are no blueprints, you have access to all available items in-game through the /shop, so you can try to build your own base, also you can try to raid it or just try puzzles, kill scarp helicopter or Bradley on rocket launch.

Trust us, you’ll spend there a really good time.


And if you want just build and have fun, we recommend to play on our Rust PVE Server.

No raiding, just building and playing Rust without unnecessary deaths.


So what are you waiting for? Join our Rust servers and try something else than Rustoria.


Please, don’t forget to JOIN OUR DISCORD.

We have helpful admins and community of players.

We will always help you with anything.

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