Rust Creative PVP Server

Looking for Rust Creative PVP Server?

We are happy to inform you that we opened our Rust Creative Server today.

It wasn’t even announced yet and there was many people playing on it.

We would like to thank you for your support and playing on our servers!

Main benefits of this Rust server are for example unlimited crafting and building.

Also, we opened shop in-game, open shop windows by type /shop to the chat and you can get anything you need.

For traveling on the map you can use your own minicopter or car. Yes, you read it right, we have rideable cars!

And of course, there is just a daylight (night is disabled).

So, no looting, no gathering, just build, fight and have fun with others!

But you know what?

Join and check it by yourself! You will love it!

Check some cool pics from the first hours:

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Rust Discord


And GET your 250$ reward instantly.

(In-Game Currency for item shop)


Pony Geek Inc.

4995 Buford Hwy
30071, Norcross, GA, USA


Pony Gaming s.r.o.

Nadrazni 7
68301 Vyskov, Czechia

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